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I have been making historic and re-enactment shoes for many years now. Take a look through the galleries to see examples of boots, shoes, moccasins, Roman calcei and caligae, sandals, slippers, top-boots, high-lows and many more. Fastened with laces, ribbons or buckles. Timber heels or flat soles. The variety is enormous – if you can find illustrations of a shoe then I may well be able to make it for you.

Please be aware (ladies in particular) that the fashions of a particular epoch may not always be the most appropriate wear for the human foot; for example the last style of the 18th Century lady is pointed in shape. Please recall the old saying “one must suffer for one’s art”. These may be made-to-measure shoes but straight lasted shoes may not suit you; may take a while to get used to or break in; or if you are a celtic foot shape, i.e. square, may be quite uncomfortable. I can’t change your foot shape but if comfort rather than style is your preference then I can (
if you inform me) use a less fashionable shaped last, say from a different epoch, to ease the problem.

Orders must be sent to me by post, on my standard order form. Using the order form ensures that I have all the necessary information to complete your order and avoids confusion. Please take care to follow the instructions. If you scan and email me your measurements then you MUST include a ruler . That will let me compensate for distortion between your scanner and my printer. However I will not guarantee a fit unless I receive a posted form.
When I receive your order I will inform you of the delivery date. My memory is not so good as to cope with “as discussed” so please write down just what you want on the form. I will bill you only when the shoes are complete.

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