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Fruit Tree Grafting Classes

These take place early in the year before the sap begins to rise ideally between late January (in a mild winter) and late March (or even mid April in a very slow spring).

I offer two arrangements. In the first instance I can arrive with rootstocks and a whole selection of graft wood and graft trees direct for the general public who will have seen the 'Apple Days' the previous autumn and know the variety that they want. (This has the added benefit of bringing visitors to a place in a slow season of the year). This costs nothing for the establishment, as the charge per tree grafted is paid by the public. The only proviso is that it needs to be well publicised by the establishment, ideally at the previous year's 'Apple Day'.

The second arrangement is the grafting class. Personal instruction to a maximum of 24 students (There is no liability cover for this so students need to make their own arrangements). Students will select and learn to graft their own trees, taking away six each at the end of the day. All tools will be provided. This event is costed at the same rate as 'Apple Day' events. A coolish room and a few tables are all that needs to be provided.

A postal service for private grafting orders is also available. Please enquire.

If you would like me to graft one or more varieties for you then please see my list of Apples for Grafting.