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'Apple Days' & Displays

Apple DaysThe season begins in late September, early October with ‘Apple Days’. Exhibitions of as many varieties as can be acquired go on display at various locations around the country.

This can be very popular so if you would like to book me for a display of this kind, it's best to think a year in advance. I come with labels, informative signs & posters, plates, tablecloths and of course apples. I only require a coolish room with 5-10 tables (As more specimens ripen later in the season then more table space is required). October the twenty first is the most popular date as this is 'Apple Day' itself, therefore subsequent dates into November are likely to be more available. Bear in mind that setting up can take as long as seven hours so don't assume I'll arrive at 0800 hrs on Saturday for a 1000 hrs opening time. The cost for an apple display is £200 per day plus transport costs.

Please note I no longer do identification displays, only tastings with 100 plus apples to taste. With enough notice I can bring some extra bags for sale.

For those with a strong interest in the horticulture side of things I can also offer a grafting service and/or classes which could be advertised concurrently with the display. Grafts cost £9 each plus postage and packing.

Sarah JuniperPlate of apples