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A shoemaker Sarah Juniper handsewn historical and replica boots and shoes

Roman replika shoes, sandals, calcei & caligae. Examples here are copied mainly from the Saalburg excavations
Roman Shoes & Sandals
Mediaeval shoes
Reproduction shoes, mules & boots from the late Medieval and Henrician era to the Tudor age
17th Century hardwearing boots, shoes, startups and bucket tops for everyone. Ladies fashionable timber heels
English Civil War & 17th Century
Marlborough bucket boots, Jacobite and Redcoat 1745 Dragoon boots & Infantry shoes. 
Silk shoes and mules for 18th Century ladies. Fine buckled shoes for gentlemen.  American War of Independence footwear - highlows, top boots and bucket shoes
18th Century
Early 19th Century boots and shoes for the discerning Napoleonic reenactor, from Ancienne Regime to Empire
Empire & Napoleonic, Early 19th C.
Miniature Shoes made to order
About making historical and replica boots and shoes

Sarah Juniper making historical shoes My name is Sarah Juniper, I've been making shoes for over thirty years and was the first to make re-enactment shoes in this country.

I am a shoemaker and hand make - and repair - contemporary shoes as well as historical shoes. For the historical shoes my areas of specialization are 1st - 4th Century Roman, very late Tudor (1580) through 17th C. including the English Civil War, 18th C. up to the early 19th C. - Empire and Napoleonic. These are periods of history where shoes were constructed with ‘heavier’ soles and the uppers took on a more shaped and tailored aspect.

The photos on this and other pages of my website show examples of my work. However, if you want something not shown please feel free to send drawings etc of footwear required. I can work from paintings or prints too.

I cater from the heaviest work shoe to the elaborate silk slipper and some of my work is still in use after twenty-five years. There is a slideshow of me repairing some shoes here. All my shoes are totally handsewn, not machine made with just the uppers closed by hand - there is a short slideshow of me making shoes here.

As well as making and repairing shoes I give shoemaking courses on a one-on-one basis.

I also have an orchard of traditional apple varieties. I offer a grafting service for apple trees and can arrange apple tastings and displays.

Yellow wool ladies plain laced pair of 18th century shoes, lined and bound with green timber heels

I work from home so I am almost always available (from 9.00 - 21.00 G.M.T please).

109 Woodmancote
Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 4AH, United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)1453 545675